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Management Practices (106) Information

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NOVA Workforce offers numerous programs to provide you with focused training in specific areas. This training allows you to develop new skills or enhance skills to become more productive on your job. Our career-oriented programs provide updated skills in high-tech areas and business management. As skills are gained, you develop a competitive spirit to seek advancement in the workplace. Invest in yourself today to advance your career tomorrow.    
The Management Practices Program Series provides a firm foundation in management, with an emphasis on practical and applicable skills and techniques. It’s designed for those starting out in management positions or those wishing to take on a more supervisory role in their careers. Courses are based on the essential management functions – Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading and Controlling – as well as their relationship to one another.

Required Courses:
  • What Management Is, What Managers Do  (1050001)
  • Fundamentals of Planning  (1050002)
  • Successful Delegation  (1050003)
  • Essential Managerial Skills for Human Resource Management  (1050004)
  • Leading for Maximum Results!  (1050005)
  • Exercising Managerial Control  (1050006)
  • The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion (1050094)
  • Teamwork in Today’s Work Environment  (1050008)
  • Successful Time Management – How to Stay in Control  (1050009)

Program Details

Classes offered: 9

Classes required for completion: 9

Mandatory Classes: 9

A passing grade is required to receive credit for the classes in this Program.

A passing level of attendance is required to receive credit for the classes in this Program.

Classes in this Program may be taken in any order.

Price:  $1,735.00


Courses Available for this Program

Employees are an organizations most valuable resource. Supervisors are responsible for effectively addressing various issues affecting their employees. This cou ......(more)
The management functions of planning and controlling are closely related. Planning “sets the ship’s course,” and controlling “keeps it on course.” The superviso ......(more)
To be effective, supervisors must perform the planning function – both routine and detailed – as an ongoing part of their jobs. Learn the important reasons for ......(more)
The role of the leader is changing. This course increases awareness and builds leadership competencies so you can lead and manage others to produce maximum resu ......(more)
Valuing diversity and building an inclusive workplace are critical to the success of today’s multicultural organization. Leaders today must be aware not just of ......(more)
Delegating effectively is a critical skill that a manager or team lead needs to master for success on the job. It reduces a manager’s workload and increases emp ......(more)
Are you stressed or find yourself overwhelmed by projects, performance issues and deadlines? Do you feel like work keeps piling up and you can’t seem to see the ......(more)
In today’s virtual work environment, the definition of team has taken on a whole new meaning. Employees are now required to work with colleagues across the glob ......(more)
Organizations are the means by which people get things done. People can accomplish more working together than they can achieve alone, but to combine and coordin ......(more)

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