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TESOL 1 (412) Information

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NOVA Workforce offers numerous programs to provide you with focused training in specific areas. This training allows you to develop new skills or enhance skills to become more productive on your job. Our career-oriented programs provide updated skills in high-tech areas and business management. As skills are gained, you develop a competitive spirit to seek advancement in the workplace. Invest in yourself today to advance your career tomorrow.    


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate Program

NOVA Workforce’s TESOL Certificate Program prepares you to teach English as a second or foreign language by combining language acquisition theory with guided teaching practice from experienced instructors with advanced degrees.

To earn a TESOL Certificate from NOVA Workforce, participants must complete TESOL 1, TESOL 2, and TESOL 3:
  • TESOL 1 & TESOL 2: Teaching methodology workshops and Practicum 1
  • TESOL 3: Practicum 2 and a Teaching Portfolio
The program is designed to be completed in one year. After completing this certificate, you are qualified to teach English as a second language to adults in an adult education setting such as a community-based program, community college language institute (non-credit), or proprietary school in the U.S. or abroad.

NOTE: The TESOL Certificate does not provide credentialing for K-12 or to teach ESL for credit. Early Childhood (VA-ECAP) classes are not a part of the TESOL Certificate Program. 

Program Prerequisites:
  • At least 18 years old with high school completion (BA/BS preferred for teaching in the U.S.)
  • Proof of English proficiency level. Submit proof of English proficiency to via one of the following before registration:
  • A US college diploma including successful completion of ENG 101 or 111 
  • A Placement test:
    • Native English Speakers: Take the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) for English or the English Placement Advising Survey
    • Non-Native English Speakers:
      • Take NOVA's English Placement for Multilingual Learners by emailing  Score must be College ESL Level 5 or higher.  College Level 4 and lower are not eligible to register.  
      • Take the Duolingo English Test. Score must be 85 Points or higher.
      • Take the TOEFL iBT. Score must be 59 or higher. Scores 58 and below are not eligible to register.
      • Take the IELTS. Score must be 5.5 or higher. Scores 5.0 and below are not eligible to register.


Take an in-depth look at current English language teaching methodologies: Task-Based Language Teaching and Problem Based Language Teaching. Learn to teach the four skills that comprise English language teaching: reading, writing, speaking, and listening in small-group teaching demonstrations. Learn to develop lesson plans, create rubrics, and manage common adult ESL classroom issues.

These workshops are taken before taking TESOL 2 & 3.

Required Courses:
  • Introduction to TESOL (4070001)
  • ELT Methodology (4070002)
  • English Grammar in ESL (4070079)
  • English Pronunciation in ESL (4070110)
  • Teaching Speaking & Listening (4070004)
  • Teaching Reading & Writing (4070005)
  • Teaching Grammar (4070006)
  • Teaching Pronunciation (4070013)
  • Lesson Planning (4070008)

Program Details

Classes offered: 9

Classes required for completion: 9

Mandatory Classes: 9

A passing grade is required to receive credit for the classes in this Program.

Classes in this Program may be taken in any order.

Price:  $1,440.00


Courses Available for this Program

Introduction to TESOL provides an introduction to the TESOL Certificate Program and an overview of current English language teaching strategies used in adult ES ......(more)
Take an in-depth look at current English language teaching methodologies: Task Based Language Teaching and Problem Based Language Teaching.  Prerequisite: ......(more)
Learn about major grammar points taught in English language classes.  Practice identifying ELL errors and explaining how to correct them.  Prerequisit ......(more)
Learn how pronunciation is taught in English language classes. Practice identifying ELL errors in pronunciation and explaining how to correct them.   ......(more)
Learn to teach authentic conversation and presentation skills, and listening comprehension. You will develop a pre-task phase of a lesson.  Prerequisites: ......(more)
Learn to teach reading comprehension and composition. You will develop a task phase of a lesson.  Prerequisites: Successful completion of Introduction to T ......(more)
Learn to teach English grammar in authentic and communicative ways. You will develop a post-task phase of a lesson.  Prerequisites:  Successful comple ......(more)
Learn how to teach pronunciation in the task-based format - including stress, intonation, thought groups, and self-correction. You will develop a post-task phas ......(more)
Learn how to develop task-based lesson plans that emphasize student-to-student interaction and negotiation of meaning. You will develop three phases of a task-b ......(more)

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